Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lunch buffet at Atrium, Landmark hotel

One of the great things about hotels in Asia is the buffet selections.  Hotels in North America generally only offer buffet for breakfast or on weekends but if you go to any 3-5 star hotels in Asia, you will find that buffets are offered 3 times a day in most places.  The quality, selections, and price of the buffet vary from hotel to hotel but most 5 star hotels such as Mandarin Oriental, Intercontinental Bangkok, or Four Seasons will not disappoint but generally come with higher price than most.  One of our family's favourite hotel buffet is the Atrium at the Landmark Hotel Bangkok.  They have a wide variety of food aisles from Japanese (more of their cuztomizable cones later) and Thai stations, order to made pasta, appetizers, soup and bread, cheese, salad, seafood, grill station, som tum (papaya salad - it's also customized to your preference), noodles soup, Western cuisine, meat (roast beef or lamb generally) and dessert.  Whew that was quite a long list.  The following are photo essays of what's available at the buffet.  So if you're in Bangkok and in the area, you should give Atrium a try, it's worth the value.

Satay, barbecue, and pasta station
Som Tum (papaya salad) station
Seafood cocktail station
Japanese station with sashimi, sushi, cold soba, tempura, and other Japanese delectibles

Okay, I said that this would be mainly a photo essay but I have to write in details about their cones.  I have to say that the Atrium buffet makes the best customized cones EVER! There are times that I would go to the buffet solely just to satisfy my cravings for their delicious cones.  How are they more delicious? First, you can let the chef know what you want in your cone, it's 100% customizable.  I always ask them to load mine up with as much roe as possible.  Second, hold the rice, more filling.  Third, their seaweed stays fresh and crispy.  I don't know how they do it, but I never get full eating them either.  On average, I always, always end up eating at least 3 or 4 of these.  Then I would go home, and crave for more.  


Some kind of smoked salmon pate
More interesting amouse bouche from the appetizer aisle
Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice in shooter cups
Prociutto wrapped melon balls with assorted cheese and preserved fruit
Butternut squash soup
Delicious Kao Soi

Miang Kam, a flavourful herbal salad for the adventurous
Pasta made to order

Squid ink spagetti with carbonara sauce
Thai's favourite, spicy with tons of garlic, basil and bacon
A single piece of roast beef with Thai chili lime dipping sauce 
After looking at all these photos just from my plates, I really wish I took more pictures from the counters instead :(  If you are hungry or more, feast your eyes more at their website gallery.  

To make up, here are better pictures of the dessert selections!

White chocolate fondue!

Thai desserts
Tiramisu shot

DIY sundae station

An Earl Grey to finish things off

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