Monday, February 6, 2012

Senor Pico: a fiesta in Bangkok

Who knew that authentic and delicious latin fare could be found on the second floor of Rembrandt hotel on Sukhumvit road? Being one of my family's favourite go-to places, Senor Pico is not just a wanna-be Latin restaurant in Bangkok, it prides itself as being the real thing.  And you know what? it really is! The ambience is traditional, vibrant, and welcoming.  Attentions are paid to the smallest details, even in the staff uniforms.


The menu offers popular latin dishes such as tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, etc.  There are also restaurant specialities such as Pico's latin grill, a selection of grilled chicken, pork loin, prime rib or tenderloin.

After you order, a basket of warm tostadas are served with a side of house-made spicy salsa and salsa verte which is more mild.  The chips are refillable.

It's not a fiesta unless there's upbeat latin music and some alcohol.  I was craving lime margarita, but also ordered a yummy cocktail, El Diablo.   My dad ordered his favourite, a shot of tequila, which comes with condiments; salt, lime, and tomato juice.

We started the meal off with beef taquitos, or cute mini tacos. The beef had a lot of flavours from the spices and seasoning.  To make more out of it, I took the lettuce and made it into a small taco salad.
This particular item is what I had been waiting for, chili con queso.  I don't know why I couldn't find any decent place in Canada that makes a good chili con queso.  I'm still upset for being tricked by Don Guacamole's version >:[

Senor Pico's chili con queso was delicious.  The cheese was a gooey, fondue-like texture which was great for dipping.  It certainly was a great satisfaction.  The only downer is, the candle doesn't keep the pot warm enough, so the cheese tends to harden too soon.

We ordered Senor Pico's specialty, espetada or grilled meat on a skewer.  We ordered the 20oz. Australian prime rib eye steak medium rare, which was tender and well-marinated through and through.  The steak was accompanied by a separate plate of garlic potatoes, zucchini, peppers and corn.

Every night, there is also a live band playing classic latin songs (the band members are from South America).  The dance floor, although often empty, is also available for anyone who feels like they want to salsa.  I was quite blown away when I saw a random patron and a waitress dancing salsa together and meshing so well together.  I asked her after if the restaurant also trained her to salsa.  She informed me that Senor Pico also holds a free salsa lesson every Friday night from 9 pm - 12 am.  Good to know!

They offer delicious and customizable tacos which you have total freedom to choose what kind of tortilla, toppings and tasty fillings like chicken, sea bass, steak, and scallop and chorizo.  My personal favourite was the sea bass.  

Senor Pico is yet another vibrant option in Bangkok's dining scene.  The atmosphere is lively and the food is awesome.  If you are craving for authentic latin fare, be sure to check Senor out.  

food: 4/5
price: $$$
ambience: 3/5
service: 4/5
value: 4/5

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