Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ice Cream Festival 2012 at Central Bangna

I love ice cream!!!
Summer is scorching hot in Thailand and, alas, the magnificent Ice Cream Festival is here just in time to save us all.  Come try over 100+ flavours of all different types of ice creams of your favourite vendors.  When I say different types of ice cream, I literally mean different category.  There's soft-serve, gelato, Thai-style, Taiwanese shaved ice, Turkish ice cream, mochi ice cream, you name it!  There are also creative flavours and presentation you wouldn't find anywhere else.  Melt Me presents each gelato served in a cone as rose pedals.  There's ice cream served in a form of an egg and you break it to eat it.  There's also super frozen ice cream that doesn't melt and you eat it along side a cup of cappuccino.  Some odd combination of flavours were coconut and shrimp, coconut and salted eggs and pork floss.  I tried the coconut and shrimp, it was definitely odd -_-''.  There are also a bunch of Thai signature flavours which are super refreshing.  You can pretty much try almost everything here.  What a great festival! It's truly a playground for people of all ages.  

Come check it out from March 22 - 28 @ Central Bangna ^ ^.






  1. very nice pictures i love thai food i cook ttom yum soup everyday and pad thai. i wish i was there

    i wonder what when they will make tom yum ice cream? does all the ice cream contain coconut cream?


  2. Hi Alan, no not all ice cream contain coconut cream, only certain flavours. some are made with juices like sorbet and some contains cream :)