Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Il Terrazzo, a romantic old world Italian restaurant

With a rustic cottage-style decor, there was something about the ambience that was really alluring at Il Terrazzo.  We were seated in a lovely indoor patio with a warm fireplace nearby and surrounded by brick walls.  Thank goodness because despite being summer already, it was really freezing out.  The restaurant was at its full capacity on Canada Day with people constantly coming in and out.  It was absolutely chaotic inside.  Nonetheless, I was thoroughly impressed by how quickly the food came out altogether from the kitchen.

My initial impression of the restaurant was that they would be serving traditional rustic Italian fare, but, in fact, their creations were much more redefined than I imagined.

We were offered a basket complimentary bread with tasty mixed olive tapenade.  If only we could take a jar home too.
Some of our favorite dishes had Asian influence in flavors and I shall start with the marinated smoked ahi tuna salad with perfectly seared scallops and seaweed salad, cucumbers and tomatoes. It was absolutely scrumptious. It was acidic with slightly sweet note and salty from shoyu.
Funghi fried mushrooms were earthy in flavour. We dug into a heap of spinach dressed in light olive, balsamic vinegar and a generous amount of pine nuts, prociutto, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, shaved parmesan.
Something warm and hearty at the table; a tomato soup with basil and gooey mozzarella chunks.  The bread quickly disappeared as I dipped it into the soup.
One of our favorite dishes that stood out the most was the mussels in what appeared to be tom kha gai-inspired broth.  Tom Kha Gai is a coconuty Thai soup with a ton of herby flavours, much like its famous cousin Tom Yum.  The creamy sauce was still rich, but not overwhelmingly so.  The pickled jalapeños, sundries tomatoes kept everything balanced and all the flavors really came through. I think we all savored every last drop and I'm going to try to recreate a similar version at my kitchen.

The heavier dishes started to arrive.  Misto Di Carne a la Casa, a trio of cabbage roll, duck confit, and lamb chop. The duck was tender and flavorful with crispy skin served on top of mashed potato, brocoloni, and lentil.  The lamb chop was too well-done since B requested medium rare.  Nonetheless, she still complimented on its excellent seasoning. The cabbage roll was filled with veal and wrapped with crispy prociutto.
The next dish, Carre D' Agnello,  ordered by P, a roasted rack of premium Australian lamb with rosemary jus.  This time the lamb was really too well-done.  P, the biggest carnivore, refused to put up with it sent it back. When it came back out, it was medium rare, exactly she asked for.  The lamb was served on top of Tuscan white bean ragout and grilled asparagus.

Linguine Marco Polo was a unique pasta dish and a rather large portion. It was a very vibrant dish with many textures and flavors coming together; the pesto, sweet mangoes, crunchy cashews, acidic tomatoes, roasted peppers.   We didn't finish this but it made a great leftover for the next day.
Another one of our favourite dishes was pulled pork cannelloni with cheesy cream sauce.  It was a dish absolutely to be savored. The pork was tender and very well seasoned baked with fresh pasta and swimming in mozzarella cream.  It was topped with sauteed bacon, red onion, and what appeared to be a tart cranberry sauce.  All I gotta say is, "Mmmmmm".
Despite we were at food coma at this point, passing on the famous tiramisu was still something we couldn't compromise. And were we glad we didn't settle. The tiramisu was one of the best we ever had. It was moist, smooth, and rich in coffee flavour, but enough that one would probably finish a large piece by themselves.

Il Terrazo offers a classic old world vibe with a unique spin on traditional Italian dishes.  We would definitely call it a go-to place when in Victoria.

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  1. Now that is what I call a nice place to eat. So much so, in fact, that I'm partly daydreaming of having a private chef from bristol serve up a storm while I sat in the middle of a garden with that motif.

  2. That is definitely a romantic place to go to especially now that Valentine's Day is very near! I think that terrazzo restaurant got its patio supplier in perth.

  3. You'll surely know that a place is good when it's the kind of venue you'd want to eat and to get married. This is absolutely romantic and the great food is definitely one sweet icing on the cake.

  4. Good food and nice place! Indeed!, It’s a good place to unwind! Well I am thinking of checking this place with my fiancé before we finally exchange our vows on our wedding day! I wanted our last date as boyfriend/girlfriend a romantic and memorable one!

  5. Il Terrazzo is definitely the perfect place for celebrations! Aside from the ambiance of the place, their food recipes also look delicious! I just can’t wait to visit this Italian resto!

  6. I've always wanted to live near this place. I hope I can move there and find and apartment near Il Terrazzo, so I can get a taste of their food again.

  7. Looks like a real good place to hang out in for the weekend. I just hope it also has authentic italian furniture, to make it look and feel authentically Old World.

  8. Look at all that nice italian food, served in an authentic italian restaurant! Just thinking of how the place looks has me tingling. Maybe I could use it as a reference for when I do a makeover for our own dining room.

  9. Always wanted to try eating out at an italian-themed resto like this. It would be better if the interiors and the ambiance was authentically italian, to add to the gastronomical experience.

  10. My husband and I will definitely try to visit this resto, we both love Italian restaurants, actually all Italian stuff. We even made our house Italian inspired and we’re happy living in this kind of house.

  11. I don't know this type of cuisine but seems to me it's so delicious. I'm getting hungry right now because of this presentation it's really mouth watering.

  12. Ik kwam net van natuursteen-werkblad.be waar ze werkbladen (zo ook aanrechtbladen) verkopen van terrazzo, keramiek, composiet en terrazzo. Het leek wel een fashion website hoe de producten worden gepresenteerd. Wat vinden jullie daar van?