Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer night lounging at Reflections

Located on the 4th floor of Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Reflections is a great haven to escape from hectic urban life and wind down.  MaynaMerh gave me the DL of this place when she went on a lady's night escapade and pre-ordered a group menu, consisting of almost everything on the menu for $50 pp of West coast style tapas.  I was in an adventurous mood and searching for a new place I've never been to.  Somewhere with a mellow atmosphere, and after looking through Mayna's pictures, I thought Reflections would be a great spot to celebrate my ____th birthday with my closest friends and family.  

So one Wednesday night, we were decked up to the nines.  As soon as I stepped on to the rooftop lounge, I immediately fell in love with the space.  Unfortunately, I couldn't translate the setting into photos, only through descriptive words.  Umm let me see.. The open air lounge had a New York City feel being surrounded by metro high rises , the outdoor lounge sets a mood with a tranquil pond and a waterfall to one side.  Seatings are extremely spacious and comfortable and we could sit there all night.  There's a fire pit and blankets to warm you up if the evening gets too cold.  The place was lively with upbeat music.  It was trendy, yet sophisticated and laid back.  

We shared a bottle of Prosecco Veneto, and by we, I mean mostly me.  There aren't too many selections for grubs and so we ordered almost everything on the menu.   

Merh raved about their beautiful watermelon salad.  It was presented beautifully and drizzled with basil puree and feta cheese.  But there was more to the salad than the eyes can see.  The watermelon cubes were saturated with something that made them more juicy and flavourful.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but it was really refreshing.  
Marinated chicken breast with arugula was rustic in ensemble. The chicken breast was tender, and the chorizo sausages added the smokiness, and spices to the dish.  I probably wouldn't order this again since there wasn't much vow factor in it except that the dish can fill you up more than the other ones.  Plus, there was way too many white beans in there for me to appreciate.  
Grilled albacore tuna, sundried tomatoes and tapenade.  The crusted tuna was nicely seared and, I've never paired it with tapenade before and they went quite well together.  
Spanich Manchego cheese with freshly sliced country style ham, quince paste, fig, toasted hazelnuts.  The grilled sourdough was crispy but they definitely did not give enough for the platter. This was a great plate to share and the sharp Manchego cheese was great to pair with the bubbly we were drinking.  
The scallop ceviche was one of my favourite dishes here.  Served over tomato aioli, and drizzled with lime vinaigrette, there was enough acidity and kick in flavours and the scallops were really fresh.  
Marinated flat iron steak with chimichurri sauce--while I loved the chimichurri sauce and the side of roasted vegetables with pine nuts, I wish the marinated steak had more to it.  Even with the sauce, it still fell short of flavours. 
Another dish I had high hopes for was the crispy polenta.  The polenta came out in cubes reminding me of fried tofu. They were topped with black olives, some tomatoes, and served over red pepper Romesco sauce.  The crisp exterior had a hard, grainy, corn-meal like texture, followed by the smooth mashy interior.  Again, there wasn't much flavour and I had to smear it with a lot of sauce.
Sweet trio with macarons, spicy brownie, lemon meringue tart and chef's special macarons in 5 flavours.  The macarons were really soft and fresh.  The crumbled easily and had a soft chew to them.  Definitely some of the best ones I've had in the city.
My birthday cake was the decadent chocolate raspberry turron.  The cake was a rich dark chocolate layered with tart raspberry and hazelnut. 

There's only a few weeks left of summer in Vancouver and it's best to take advantage.  I could spend hours coiled up on their comfy oversized couch with some cocktails and just chat the night away.   Reflections is on the top of my list for lounging in style relishing in short-lived summer nights. 

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